people that are controlling

People that are Controlling

Happy Equinox – a day of balance.  The really good news about this day is that the imbalance that has existed for eons of time is being healed.

Did you know that some powerful people on this planet, who had self-serving agendas, have used you?  Many people who are behind the governments and the corporations and the banks are very smart.  They know all about the Law of Attraction.  They know that if they can make you afraid of something you will inevitably attract more fear and negativity to yourself, and they will stand by to offer a solution.  Usually the solution costs either money or freedom.  They know that if they can make you anxious, you will attract more anxiety and then they can sell you anti-depressants.  They know that if they make you angry, you will attract more anger, and they can hold up someone or something, of their choosing, for you to focus your anger on.  They know that if they can make you sick, you will come to them for cures from your illnesses.

We think we have been free.  It has been an illusion.  We have been manipulated in many ways, concerning what we wear, and what we eat, and what actions we take, and how we think.  A few weeks ago I urged you to examine your beliefs to see where they came from, and to hold them up for examination.  Once we become informed, the controllers have no more power. The people that are controlling us no longer have the ability to control. Once we stop letting them scare us and dictate our responses, they are done.   The internet has done a marvelous job of bringing us together and by-passing the controllers.  In this year of 2012 they will lose their power altogether.  We may be very surprised to find out who they are.  Some are public figures and some operate in total secrecy.  They have advised presidents – they have manipulated the media – and they have convinced well-meaning people of things that are not true.  Many honest people work for them, believing that they are doing good.

It’s not your fault if you have been mislead, but it is your responsibility if you continue to validate them.  Our health care system DOES NOT have to be run this way.  Our banking industry DOES NOT have to conform to regulations that the controllers created.  Our legislature and congress DO NOT have the power to do things we don’t want.  Our banks DO NOT have to charge exorbitant interest.

For many years people would throw up their hands in resignation and say ‘there’s nothing I can do  – it’s too big – it’s just the way it is.  The way it is, though, is done.  We are creating a new way every moment that we think a new thought and gather together to share these new thoughts.

So please, think big, dream big,  but don’t hate or fear them, because that just generates more hate and fear, and feeds the people that are controlling.  If you think of them at all, just consider them DONE – and look around for new ways and new things to embrace.  Together we can re-make this world from one of imbalance to one of fairness and unity.

Blessings, Elaine



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