You were probably raised knowing the story of the tortoise and the hare.  The rabbit thought he would win the race because he was obviously the quickest, but he was easily distracted and a little bit too full of himself.  He caused his own demise through over confidence, carelessness, and just plain ego out of control.

The turtle just kept going, no matter what.  He stayed focused on the goal.  He gave his all and he gave it consistently.  He didn’t give up before he even began just because his opponent seemed to have all the advantages.

Such a simple children’s story.  So profound.  Inner strength, commitment, and working unceasingly with what we have are traits we can all find and develop in ourselves.

We are in strange times.  Political unrest and anxiety are running rampant.  The ways that we and our natural resources and our leadership have been poisoned and corrupted physically, mentally and emotionally will probably be recorded in the history records. People of the future may be astounded that humans could have ever allowed themselves to be so misguided and messed up.

It’s time to do something very important.  Be like the tortoise. Don’t check out of the race because it seems impossible.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other and doing the next right thing no matter what kind of chaos is surrounding you.  The environment is deplorable and the number of children sickened by the pollution in our food and skies and vaccinations is heartbreaking.  It will never get better if we just give up.

The majority of our country’s leadership is comprised of ego centered beings, and even the best of them want to fight for us. Fighting has never brought lasting peace.  Nevertheless, we need to keep focused on trying to find wise compassionate leaders and electing them to service.

Our financial institutions and our individual financial futures have foundations full of cracks.  We can’t just sit here waiting for these structures to collapse around us.  We have to keep moving to rebuild something solid and lasting for us all.

Don’t just get mad.  Don’t just give up.  Don’t just make noise to release your pent up frustration.  Do something that works.  Keep moving in the right direction.  We have the numbers.  We have the power.  I’ll see you on the road.

Many blessings,

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