Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility

Hopefully my readers are those who are working hard to overcome their own personal challenges:  self worth issues, fear, jealousy, anger, judgement, and all the rest.

I have tried to influence people in that direction for many years. Today I just want to reinforce a message that hasn’t been stated enough – and that is what you are doing to yourself by giving in to the lower baser vibrational energies.  You are feeding your own powerlessness.  You are feeding your own ineffectiveness.  You are hastening your own demise.

Karma is alive and well and working faster and more efficiently than ever before.  Some people are self-destructing at an alarming rate and they are going out hating with a vengeance.  The leaders of the group Isis come to mind, but they are only the ones that make the nightly news.  Plenty of everyday people, maybe even your neighbors, are harboring ill will that is coming back to manifest in their own lives.

Do you get a negative thought, and let it take you over, and keep thinking along those negative lines?  That is something you need to be aware of and put a stop to.  You need to deliberately replace negative thoughts with truthful positive ones on a continual basis.

Conversely, if you have been on a path of enlightenment and awakening and trying to do your best, coming from your heart, and loving whenever possible, you are on an incline and the momentum for keeping you going upward and onward is growing stronger every day. The better it gets, the betters it gets.

I preach and teach personal responsibility.  I’m doing it again. Are you listening?


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