Positive Affirmations for Relationships

Positive Affirmations for Relationships

Positive Affirmations for Relationships –

Creating a positive affirmation and repeating it to yourself every day is a very good way to ground it into your reality. Positive affirmations must be truthful. They must contain an element of what you truly believe. They are designed to make that belief your ‘default setting’ – the thought that most easily comes to you and brings you peace. In that way you will also energetically attract and create the very thing you affirm.

Here are a few positive affirmations regarding relationships that you may want to use, or use as a sample to create your own:

Everyone is in my life for a purpose. I intend to learn from every encounter with someone.

I can always choose my behavior when I deal with others.

I nurture healthy relationships, and have the courage to distance myself from unhealthy ones.

I surround those I love with all the positive energy necessary to make good choices for their own highest and best good.

Namaste and have a blessed day,

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