Positive Self Image

Positive Self Image – An Absolute Prerequisite For A Healthy Life

Positive Self Image – An Absolute Prerequisite For A Healthy Life –

In some ancient foreign traditions babies were never praised for being beautiful.  They were always talked about as being ugly and insignificant.  The theory behind this was to keep the child from being noticed by any gods or entities that might want to steal them.  That was the culture, and the belief and the way things worked in that time and place.  I can’t imagine that many children were raised with any kind of positive self image, and that may still be carried in the DNA today.

Then there was a period of time in past history where many children were thought to be useful mainly in terms of working for the family and taking care of the parents in their old age. Naturally, I am making generalities here.  There have always been children who were loved and cherished and nurtured in healthy ways.

Society has shown us, time and again though, by the number of people needing psychological help and therapy, that positive self image can be a huge problem for society as a whole.

In the past several generations we have watched the pendulum swing, in many instances, to the complete other end of the spectrum.   Children have been lavished with everything that the parents never had.  Most will agree that the majority of children we may personally know have more than enough toys and opportunities for experiences.  They have access to electronic devices as toddlers and it grows by leaps and bounds from there. Many are loved in a healthy way along with the excess of ‘stuff’, but others are given too much ‘stuff’ in place of personal interaction with caring adults.

Sometimes the children have grown up with an unhealthy view of self as being entitled to every thing that comes their way. Sometimes this causes an overblown ego.  Sometimes it causes guilt because they don’t feel worthy.   Imbalance, no matter which end of the spectrum it rests on, is still imbalance.

In the end it always comes back to a positive self image being an absolute prerequisite for a healthy life.  If you have never been encouraged to have one by others, then it’s time to assume the responsibility and parent yourself.  Give yourself the positive messages that should have come to you from others through the years.  A positive self-image can be acquired through study and understanding, and then surrounding yourself with the things and people that will feed that positive self image.

You deserve to know yourself, and appreciate yourself – to love yourself and to create for yourself the best possible life you can.  May you always be blessed in these efforts.


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