Power of Right Thinking

Power of Right Thinking

Power of Right Thinking –

The following is a reprint from several years ago and is worth looking at again. These are 4 steps to personal power.

1. Let Go and Let God – Sometimes things are just too much for us to handle alone, and we don’t have to. The God of your understanding is always available and ready to take your burdens. You may have lost faith because the problems showed up in the first place, but the help is still real and is still here. Use it even if you don’t completely trust it right now.

2. Remember the Law of Attraction – What you send out comes back to you. When it comes to mass consciousness, whatever the majority are sending out is what is coming back. Even though there may be sadness or fear around you, if you didn’t personally send it out, don’t claim it now. Focus on your own personal intentions and trust that as you send them out with faith and love they will return to you in some form. If you did, or are, sending out fear that seems to be beyond your ability to clear, go back to Step 1.

3. Use the Power of Right Thinking – You can’t effectively create something if you are not thinking it and feeling it. You can’t fool the universe by feeling scared and pretending to send out calm acceptance. If you are scared – or mad – or sad – admit it. Acknowledge it. And then find something positive that you do believe in, and that you can think and feel. Think about those positive things in your life, and find some positive steps you can personally take. Review your gratitude list.

4. Remember that ‘This Too Shall Pass’ – Nothing lasts forever. Whether it is happiness or sadness, it will continue to change its form. Energy is never static but is always in movement. If you can find patience with the current moment it will eventually turn into something else. To make sure that ‘something else’ is good, refer to steps 1, 2 and 3.

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