prayers for divine intervention

Prayers for Divine Intervention

Faith –

Some people seem to glide through their lives with such unshakable faith.  They are sure that everything that touches them is God ordained and so they live in joy and peace and harmony, sometimes in the midst of severe difficulties.  They could be right. They may have followed the soul path they laid out for themselves very closely.  Perhaps they have always heard their inner voice clearly and always followed their hearts meticulously.

Then there are the rest of us.  We know about free will.  We know we haven’t always  behaved in the highest and the best ways.  We know there have probably been a lot of times when we have veered off course from the divine plan we helped lay down for ourselves.  We can’t find peace by saying ‘this is God’s will’ – because we know there were plenty of times when we didn’t check in with God – we just did it our way.

How do those of us who have veered off course reconcile this whole God’s will/my will thing?  How do we find peace with our lives and trust in the Divine when we know we have messed up on more than one occasion?

The answer here is Grace – Divine Grace – the ability of the Divine to reinsert His/Her energy into any situation where we call the Divine in.  The answer is to trust in re-formation, re-working, re-starting and re-forming. We begin prayers for divine intervention.

Any mess we take to God can be re-created.  We can always begin again.  Our eventual victory has always been guaranteed.  God will never let any beloved Child stay lost forever.  There is nothing here on earth that can’t be fixed.  That’s where my faith comes from.  Hope that brings you some peace too.

Blessings, Elaine

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