Prayers of Thankfulness and Gratitude

Thank You

How beautiful are our angels?  How wonderful are our guides?  Well, consider this.  We came to this planet (we, meaning the collective of humanity) and we trashed it.  Literally.  It was perfect – we were perfect.   Then throughout the ages, we wonders of free will,  made a complete mess of it.

And now, we’re realizing that, and we’re fixing it.  We’re cleaning up our mess.  We’re trying to get the word out.  We’re repairing what we broke.  We’re restoring what we damaged.  Good for us.

In any just and fair and honest world, it would be fair and just and honest to have our angels say ‘Well, it’s about time!’

Instead they say “We are proud of you.  We love you.  We never left you for a minute.  We are your biggest fans.  We never saw you as anything but wonderful.”   Today is just a short message to those in the unseen realms who have had to watch and listen to all of it. Some prayers of thankfulness and gratitude:  ‘THANK YOU.  THANK YOU.  THANK YOU.  We couldn’t have made it without your love and support and continual blessings.  You gave to us  even when we were unaware and ungrateful.  THANK YOU for hanging in there with us..  THANK YOU.’

Namaste, Elaine


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