Protecting Yourself From Negativity

Protecting Yourself From Negativity

Have you noticed things are heating up, literally and figuratively? Energy in the ethers always has a physical manifestation here on earth.  The rule is ‘as above, so below’.  We have more light streaming to us from the Heavenly Realms than every before!  That’s a truth.  It is happening because we are more spiritually advanced that we have ever been before, and we are able to contain and work with that much more light.  Those of us who seek light and love and goodness and fairness and equality and justice have grown in strength and grown in numbers and we get better every day.

Conversely the ones that want war and control and power, and fuel it with fear and apprehension and discord directed at those who are still vulnerable to such things, are temporarily gaining strength from the in-pouring energies too.   We see physical manifestations of this in the form of unprecedented fires and increase in world problems and heartache.  There is a war between dark and light, good and evil, negative and positive going on.  Who will win?

The good news is that the light has already won in the astral world, the energetic overlay, the template for our creations.  We of the light, working to bring forth the Divine Will Of God, have already won.  It just hasn’t filtered down into our everyday physical dimensional lives yet.  There will come a point when so much light permeates the earth, and is grounded and refocused by us, that the dark will no longer have a place here.

An analogy could be that the pizza we ordered has been made, exactly to our specifications.  It is on the delivery van.  The driver just hasn’t gotten to our street yet, but he will.  We don’t know when. It all depends on how many stops he has to make, and the traffic he encounters, but our pizza is on the way.  Our salvation is on the way.  Our new way of life unencumbered by oppression is on the way.

What do we do while we wait for delivery?  We keep the faith.  We don’t start to doubt that it will arrive.  We don’t go into anxiety and fear.  We look at the world falling apart and we say, ‘good, it’s about time’.  The old needs to go before the new can come in.

We recognize that the negative energies are having a final temper tantrum and we take precautions to keep ourselves and our families and loved ones safe.

We do daily protection meditations where we surround ourselves with the golden light of God.  We reach out and extend this same protection to everyone we love, everyone that lives in our hearts. We establish our own rituals using candles or crystals or mantras or smudging with sage, or whatever brings comfort to our hearts.  We surround ourselves with people who are on the same positive path that we are.  We seek out healers of the light. We seek out literature that feeds our soul.  We listen to music that makes us happy, or makes us want to dance.  We find web sites on the internet that support the goodness that is growing.

We do a lot.  We work hard.  We carry the sword of Archangel Michael which is the sword of truth.  We don’t turn our backs on the negativity around us.  We find our strength and when we see darkness we don’t turn our backs but we see it for what it is and we stand together and face it.

We have the truth – and the truth will set us free.  The truth is setting us free.  We are almost there.  Astrological conditions for the next several months support more fluctuations and highs and lows and intensities of just about everything.  Hold on.  Hold on to each other.  Hold on to God.

You are and will be victorious.  It’s what your soul came here to the earth to do.  We will reap our rewards for staying the course and they will be glorious beyond our imagination.  May this information bring you comfort and peace and renew your strength.

Many blessings,

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