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Quantum Experiences

Quantum Experiences –

I recently read in a popular mainstream newspaper that scientists were discovering the existence of multiple universes. They trace black holes and cosmic patterns and figure stuff like that out. Meta-physicians have know for a long time that alternate universes exist. People with a strong spiritual background, and have personal experiences of their own, will equally attest to the existence of life well beyond our realm of physical perception. It is an absolute truth that there is more here than we can see with our eyes, hear with our ears, and feel with our hands.

When I was growing up, if you had any type of mystical experience you kept it to yourself. People would look at you like you were making it up, or judge you for being abnormal. Fortunately, times have changed. If you hear voices in this day and age, there is a much greater likelihood of you being psychic rather than psychotic.

Fear has always been an unfortunate companion to psychic experiences. That is largely due to lack of information. Movies depicting evil possession of a soul are exciting to watch but hardly accurate. A lot of people are being influenced by extreme negative energies, but that is not possession. It is, on some level, choice. If you hang out in low energy places, and surround yourself with angry hateful people, that will have an effect on your energy system, and your body will start to vibrate to those frequencies.

Ouija boards are not in and of themselves low energy – they are just a board with letters and numbers and symbols. Repeated use by people who were willing to talk to any spirit on any level of cosmic experience, and never set any restrictions for the board’s use, have created an energy around the board that appeals to spirits who may not have yet ascended into the highest light.

Can those spirits come through and attach themselves to humans? Yes, but it is not possession. It is comparable to you giving a complete stranger the keys to your home and then getting upset when they start messing with your stuff and don’t want to leave. If you pick up any unwanted clinging energies, you can rid yourself of them, but it is much easier to never invite them in, in the first place.

It would be wonderful if children were taught not only to wash their hands before they eat, but to cover themselves with the gold white light of pure love before going out in the world.

It is my pure intention that I attract only the highest, best and most loving energies into my auric space. It is my pure intention that when I communicate with the ‘other side’ I receive only messages for my highest good and the highest good of all others. It is my pure intention that I keep myself surrounded by the golden white light of God in every moment.

I hope these are your intentions too, and I hope you can explore the vast wonderful world of Spirit with confidence and trust.

Many Blessings,

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