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Kindness vs Righteousness

Saw this on Facebook recently: “Choose being kind over being right, and you’ll be right every time.” –  Richard Carlson.

It got me thinking about the kind people in my life, the mean people in my life, and the ‘truthful’ people in my life.  I know them all.  I’m sure you do too.  It also made me wonder how we got the idea that ‘being right’ was so important.

People get upset, and fight, and go to war, and hurt others, all because they want to be right.  For some people, being ‘right’ is used as a excuse to get away with all kinds of unacceptable and inappropriate behavior.

The truth is, there is never any reason to be unkind.  However right you may be, however stressed you may be, however upset you may be, however angry you may be,  however tired you may be or however hurting you may be, that is never a reason to be mean or to lash out at someone else.

Kindness comes from the heart.  If you can’t find it inside yourself to be kind, then it may be time to examine why your heart is hurting.  It may indicate that you need personal healing.

Kindness is also a choice.  It enriches the giver and the receiver.  It heals and it uplifts.  It requires intention, maturity and self-discipline.

So for today, there is just one question.  If you are not always kind, why not?

Namaste, Elaine

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