raised on fear

Raised on Fear

Past and Present –

My generation was raised on fear.  Our parents were always worried that we might get sick.  We purchased locks so that people wouldn’t steal our stuff.  We paid doctors to look us over and if they said we were ok we breathed a sigh of relief.  We were scared about what people might think of us.   We bought security cameras.  We tolerated increases in our taxes because people told us they were using the money to keep us safe.  We endured body searches and IRS investigations.  We discovered the internet,  and the internet warned us about dangers on the road or in parking lots that we had never even considered before.

It’s somewhat of a miracle that at least a few of us grew up without major phobias, although all of us probably have some minor ones.

Is it any wonder then, that promises of new lives, and safety and security, and love and joy are greeted with skepticism, and strangley in many cases, by fear?  Fear and skepticism are familiar companions to many people, and they run to them whenever big changes appear.

But big changes ARE here.  They are undeniable and unstoppable.  We have entered the age of personal empowerment and no one has the right to make you afraid anymore.  Every day our nightly news uncovers another corrupt group and brings them to light.  These were the people who were scaring you and getting rich off of your fear.  I hope you are ready to look at them:
all the people, and practices and beliefs that were designed to frighten you into behaving and buying and believing a certain way.

And after you have looked I hope you will choose relief over anger.  I hope you will choose empowerment over feelings of victimization.  I hope you can take that energy of fear and decide to use it in some productive way.

The past is over and those that ruled your past are on their way out.  No more being raised on fear. Who is going to rule your future?  Hopefully it will be you, in partnership with the Divine.

Blessed Be,  Elaine

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