Reach Out And Touch The Finish Line

December 18, 2012 – Reach Out and Touch The Finish Line –

So close –  we are so close – and to be so near the end,  and to still experience the severity of duality seems wrong somehow.  This has been a sad week for families and countries and people’s hearts everywhere.  A lot of little children went home.  Duality still exists, if even for just a few more days.

There is rejoicing on the other side.  A lot of little children came home in time for Christmas.  Their work was done.  They experienced earth life, they elevated their souls from that experience, and they left behind more love than words can ever express.  They never wanted to leave behind grieving families, and so they, and countless angels, will be sending comfort and healing from the other side.  They did want to help the ascension effort by touching people’s hearts everywhere.

They were successful beyond their wildest dreams.

More people than ever are ready to lay down their weapons and embrace each other.  More people than ever are feeling love pour out of them.  More people than ever are demanding a better world. More people than ever are rallying themselves for the final push to the finish line.  It is that close.  Reach out and touch it.

–   and the little ones – the masters in disguise – send them your thanks.  They have helped reshape a world.


Blessings, Elaine


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