realizing your full potential

Realizing your Full Potential

A Very Brief History of Mankind

Sometimes it helps us understand our lives by seeing the bigger picture. In the beginning this world was perfect and beautiful in every way and so were we. We were Spirits send by God to create and experience and enjoy. We created a physical experience and inhabited bodies. To do this we had to slow our vibrations. In slowing our vibrations we became heavy. Over time we became so heavy we forgot who we were and where we came from. We forgot God. We discovered fear. Fear is the polar opposite of God’s love.

God’s promise was to never let us go so far away from Him that we couldn’t find our way back. In the last century we ‘bottomed out’ so to speak. We exploded nuclear weapons which not only created havoc for our world, but started to contaminate the cosmos and other worlds. That was the limit. God sent Angels, Masters, and off-world beings to enlighten us and start us on the journey back.

We are in the time of re-awakening and remembering – realizing your full potential. We have begun to increase the speed of our vibrations and ‘lighten up’. Our intuitive natures, which were never properly nurtured and had become dormant were being given the call to come back into use.

That is our challenge and our responsibility right now. Learn all you can about who you are and what you can do. Start to practice using your intuitive abilities so that they regain their strength and you can start realizing your full potential. The world is poised for an ascension – an uplifting. That will show itself in a society that cares deeply about one another and would never do harm to any living creature. We aren’t there yet. We are on our way. You are an irreplaceable part of the whole and are being called into service to carry your share of the load. You must care deeply about everyone else and never hurt any living creature, either physically, emotionally or mentally.

A big challenge? Perhaps. But you have what it takes and what you feel you lack, God will supply.

Have a blessed day.

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