Reconciliation and Renewal

Reconciliation and Renewal –

For many people in the Christian Faith this week is called Holy Week and emphasis is made on remembering, facing shortcomings, and being lifted up to receive forgiveness and renewal and a new beginning.  It is a time of re-creation of death and resurrection.  Many other religions have their Holy Days where they do the same things – look for reconciliation and renewal.

You don’t need a special day, or a special outfit or permission from anyone else, however, to experience reconciliation and renewal.  That is something that happens within you when you are ready and you are receptive.  Are you ready to face your past honestly?  Are you ready to admit your shortcomings?  Do you believe in the energy of forgiveness?  Do you want to be better and do better in the future?  Do you believe in a Power greater than yourself, whether you call that power God or not?  Do you believe that Power can redirect your life into higher and brighter places?

It is my personal belief that a Greater Power or God does exist.  It is my personal belief that I can be restored in every minute that I choose to humbly approach that Power and ask for that help.  It is also my belief that when large groups of people share one common energetic experience, it carries a lot of power on its own.

So if you feel drawn toward remembering the past this week – if you find yourself wanting a fresh start – if you want to feel relieved of your burdens and you have the desire to begin again, you might be feeling the energy that is being projected.  If you can use that energy to help yourself toward those same goals, then good for you.

Remember, though, that every day and every minute in every day can be a new beginning for you, if that is your desire.

May you all have a blessed week.


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