Releasing Expectations

Releasing Expectations

Releasing Expectations –

By now you probably have your holiday shopping done, or you are rushing to complete it. You may have received invitations, or sent them. You may have created the atmosphere of celebration in your life in some way. You may be trying to catch up and do all the things on your list that you haven’t gotten around to yet. It can be a very busy and happy – or – stressful and sad time. Holidays usually bring out every emotion we are capable of feeling. That in and of itself is enough to deal with, but often we also throw in the added burden of expectations.

If you are expecting to receive in a certain way, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. If you are expecting to be able to act in a certain way, you may also be disappointed.

If you are expecting others to be what you want them to be, you will probably most definitely be disappointed in some way by someone.

It’s been said that an expectation is a premeditated resentment. If things don’t work out as you expect, are you going to be okay with that? Or is that going to disturb your peace of mind and throw off your schedule and ruin your plans.

We really have no right to expect anything. We can trust and hope – we can work toward creation – we can bring our best selves to every moment. What comes beyond that is really out of our control. We can pray and we can joyfully anticipate and we can celebrate what is yet to be, but to expect things to happen in a certain way and at a certain time is a recipe for defeat.

By practicing acceptance and releasing expectations of what people will do and what life will bring, you can enjoy the most blessed holiday ever.

Loving blessings to you and yours during this sacred time of year,

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