Rescinding Vows

Rescinding Vows

Rescinding Vows

You probably make vows all the time.  You might not be aware that you do it, but your body knows.  Every time you declare something with emotion and sincerity your body hears it as a directive and stores it in your energetic hardware as a truth – as a vow.  Your body treats it with a great degree of importance.

Sadly, a lot of those vows are made in the heat of the moment and even though they are packed with emotion and sincerity, we never intended them to be our default program.  The body doesn’t know that, and we are left with the fallout everyday.

In the heat of the moment you vowed never to pick up after your kids again.  Of course, that was yesterday.  Today you are picking up but feeling resentful or angry about it, and have never been guided to connect the dots.  You need to cancel that vow.  You need to sit with yourself in a quiet moment and talk to your body.  (Yes, you can do that and yes, your body will hear you).
Tell yourself that when you declared the intention to never pick up after the kids again, it was appropriate for the moment, but that moment has passed.  Tell your body you have now grown in understanding, and no longer intend to be bound by former rules you placed upon yourself.  Then say ‘I hereby rescind that directive”. “I will replace it with a new directive to follow my heart on a daily basis, regarding what I choose to do or not do for someone.”

I had a personal experience this week that prompted this message to you.  A few years ago I ate at a restaurant with a friend, and didn’t like it very much.  We both sat in the parking lot after leaving the restaurant and said with high emotion, ‘I am never coming here again.’  I haven’t – until recently.  There was a social function at that restaurant that I wanted to attend very much because I liked the people and wanted to be with them.  I knew I did not have to order the same food I ordered last time, and there should be no problem, except, I had a terrible headache every time I thought about going.  I was feeling very torn about my decision to go, until the light dawned and I realized I had made a vow not to go there.  My body was trying to help me honor that promise.

I sat down and told my body that what I had said was appropriate for that day, but things had changed and I didn’t intend to be bound by those restrictions anymore.  I gave my body a new directive that said I was free to go anywhere I choose to go.   My headache went away and I went to lunch, made healthier food choices, and had a lovely time.

Hope this information helps you with some of the difficulties you might be facing every day.

Many blessings,

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