Restoring Universal Balance

There’s a song by Sixto Rodriguez that has these lyrics in it: ‘Cause they told me everybody’s gotta pay their dues, and I explained that I had overpaid them.’ Those lines stayed with me. They got me thinking a lot about owing and being owed – greed and selflessness – balance and imbalance. I know we believe a lot of things in this world that aren’t truth. We’ve adapted truth as we’ve gone along, and had truth misused to manipulate us by those who would seek to control us. We’ve been taught that self sacrifice is somehow a noble thing. It’s not. It is not God’s will for any of His children to suffer. We were all meant to thrive, before the great imbalance came to our world.

In order to restore Universal Balance and live in accordance with Universal Law I’ve got to start with myself. Have I taken more that I should at the expense of others? Many have, but that’s not me. I don’t think it’s you either. I think most of us have contributed to the imbalance by asking for too little of life. There may even have been instances where we got some self worth out of putting ourselves down and putting ourselves last.

This is Independence Day. How about declaring independence from any attitudes that may be holding you back from your greatest good? I’m certainly not suggesting that you start to walk around feeling entitled, and being less grateful and demanding. That’s not what this is all about.

But how about standing in your own worth as a precious and powerful being of light, fashioned after your creator? How about opening the door to your greatest good by declaring your worth and your worthiness and your willingness to go and collect your back pay that someone has to be holding for you? How about a declaration of restoration of Universal Law in your own life, including honoring any karmic debts you have, but just as importantly collecting any karmic debts owed to you.

I felt that when I did this the Universe said ‘thank you’. ‘Thank you for opening the door so that we can start the abundance flow that has always had your name on it and has been sitting here clogging up our system, waiting for you to come and get it.’ There is probably a huge cache of love and support and encouragement and opportunities and abundance in many forms, including financial, that has your name on it, sitting somewhere unclaimed. There are probably countless souls in spirit that want to repay you for kindnesses done to them, and you have never given them the opportunity.

Today is a holiday. Maybe you’ve got a little extra time to go find those Beings that have gifts for you that you’ve never gratefully accepted. Maybe you’ve got a little extra time to go find that door with your name on it and finally claim it. It’s just a shift in mental attitude, but a serious mental shift brings huge changes in the energy flow around you. Maybe it’s time to say, “God, if I’m owed, bring it on – with my heartfelt thanks.”

Blessed Be,

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