right and wrong

Right and Wrong

Right and Wrong

Human beings seem to have a propensity for categorizing things – good and bad, up and down, right and wrong.  Some humans have taken this system of duality to really destructive levels.  They believe that if one is right the other has to be wrong, and they are safe and comfortable with their positions.  It feeds their egos and brings a sense of security.  “I am right”.

Where did we ever get the idea that it was an admirable quality in a person to think they are always right?  How did we ever get so distorted that we bought into that belief system?  People who are ‘always right’, can be really tough to be around, because if you disagree with them, you are automatically all wrong.

Our country’s leadership is often a mirror image of us.  We can look at the dysfunction in them and see what we carry around inside.

Look at your own life.  Can you admit that you are not always right and that you don’t always have the answers?  Can you accept the fact that you are wonderful, and not because of, or in spite of, a wrongness or rightness you have declared in your life?  Can you admit that sometimes you don’t really know?  Are you comfortable with the fact that sometimes you are wrong, or will you fight to the end to prove your point?

In most cases, all answers to all problems carry vibrational essences.  They are filled with various amounts of  ‘light’.

What if we stopped being right or wrong, and started seeking answers and solutions that carried the most light, or love?   Do you think individuals and society might be better off?

I admit that I, being a human living in a dualistic society, also see things in dualistic ways.  To me, ‘more light’ is more beneficial than ‘less light’.  This subject of duality, however, is worthy of some thought.  We are starting to hear that we can, if we so desire, grow into a field of triality.  It is not really a middle ground between 2 opposite forces, but a whole new energy all of its own which acknowledges that both sides or differing viewpoints might have some merit,  and that the dark has its place.

A picture that is all black or all white is pretty meaningless.  The outlines and the shadows give it form.  The colors give it substance and interest.

Perhaps if we heal this in ourselves, we will some day see it reflected back to us in those who would endeavor to lead us.

Many Blessings,

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