Sacred Ceremony

Sacred Ceremony

Sacred Ceremony  –

Have you ever wondered why a lot of human beings do a lot of things with pomp and circumstance, ceremony, and ritual involved? Some people don’t, though.  There are those that almost reject the ceremonial part of life, and in a lot of cases,  choose which ones they will honor and which they won’t.  Some people wouldn’t miss their graduation ceremonies from school for anything – they worked too hard for this moment.  Some people don’t even care to show up at their graduations.  Some people get married in extravagant opulence.  Some run off to the local Justice of the Peace. Churches use ritual constantly.  People come to expect it and find a certain comfort in it.  Some reject public ceremony, but will have their own individual rituals that they carry out in private.

Why do we do this?  Is it inherent in our DNA to want to create ritual around things?  In actuality, it sort of is.  We instinctively know that things that have history carry more energy.  The Lord’s Prayer is beautiful and meaningful in and of itself.  Because of the amount of times that it has been prayed by the faithful in an attitude of heart centeredness it has become a very strong energy conduit.

Whenever you do something repeatedly, and it is something that has a history of being done repeatedly and respectfully, you are tapping into the energy of the whole, not just your moment of participation.

Sacred Ceremony enhances the energy field you are working in. When you say your prayers, or light your candles, or join in public ritual you are becoming part of the whole.

It’s important to note that the whole mass of energy you are tapping into is not always pure.  If the ceremony has been tainted over time you are getting both.  Many who marry in opulence, divorce with just as much emotion involved.  Therefore the wedding ceremony itself no longer carries the intrinsic  power that the vows once held.  You may personally hold the vows sacred, but you are no longer receiving as much ritualistic energy as the ceremony itself once held.

Sacred Ceremony is a sacred gift.  It is an energetically held template that you can use for your own self empowerment.  Often what we do is private.  We light our candles and our incense, create our sacred places in our homes, or we may gather with like minded souls to visit some beautiful spot in nature or something that already carries the history of being a sacred site.  In so doing, we are tapping into the whole of that particular creation. I hope you value Sacred Ceremony, even if it is only the things you do privately and personally.  In honoring the solemnity of the moment you are  tapping into a power greater than yourself.

Many Blessings,

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