Sacred Geometry and Energy of Numbers

Sacred Geometry and Energy of Numbers

Sacred Geometry and Energy of Numbers –

Many people pray and then often wonder if their prayers were ever heard or answered.  They were.  God always hears, and always responds.  The difficulty arises in that God speaks in many, many ways and humans hear in only a few.   Numbers are a very useful, interesting, and fun way to communicate with the Divine.  Each number, just as each color and each sound, carries its own individual vibration pattern.

A woman named Doreen Virtue is a gifted communicator with the Angelic Realm and has been able to translate the energy of numbers into human words.  Many people have used her translations and found them to be wholly accurate and wonderfully informative.  I invariably have multiple 4’s in my phone numbers, house numbers, and significant dates in my life.  My attention is often drawn to a license plate that has 44 or 444 on it, or a digital clock when it is at 4:44, or a store receipt where my purchases or change added up to multiple 4’s.  That is a sure sign to me that angels are close by and we are sharing a moment together where communication lines are wide open.  Four is the number of the angels.

When you see 33 or 333 a lot in your life, it is a sign that a Divine Master is close to you and working with you.  Who is close in your thoughts?  Is it Jesus, the Divine Mother, St. Francis, Quan Yin, Buddha, or another great Being of Light?   The number three carries that kind of energy.  The energy of the trinity is a 3.  If those numbers come to you, lift your thoughts to the level of Spirit communication because they are right there, right now.

The number 11 is a gateway of sorts.  You are walking through an energetic door.  What you carry through that door is meaningful and carries the energy of creation.  Are you carrying anger through that door, or disappointment, or sadness?  If an 11 comes to your attention while you are in a negative place, understand this:  you can dump those things right now and carry some hope or forgiveness, or acceptance or patience through that energetic door.  Then when you get to the other side of that energy you will see more of those beautiful things coming back to you.

Each number and each number combination forms a language that you can learn to speak.  It is a fascinating and worthwhile endeavor.

Many Blessings,

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