Saving Mother Earth

Saving Mother Earth by Saving Ourselves

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‘First the question: Does drilling or extraction of oil or natural gas cause earthquakes? Answer: YES. Second question: Why? Answer: With most actions, there are unintended consequences and drilling for oil may have dynamic consequences. Drilling for oil worldwide displaces billions of barrels of oil per day, as a result, it initiates a void which physics demand a void to be filled or replaced.
May 22, 2010 – 9:06:38 PM’   

This is a world of our creation – the instability in the world is a direct result of the choices and the instabilities within mankind.  If there is one thing that has to be learned and accepted if we are to move forward with Mother Earth as she ascends to the next dimension (and she IS ascending to the next dimension with or without us) it is this – we need to accept our responsibility for what we have done to her – and to each other – and to ourselves.  God put us here with unlimited potential and unlimited freewill.  We have made many poor choices.  Some have fallen away to the dark, or ego side, of their potential and they have deliberately created fear, chaos and sorrow.  Most of us just unwittingly went along because we didn’t know enough not to.  We let our politicians and business leaders do things that hurt the earth and its people.  We let our armies go to war when all we wanted was peace.  We let our banks charge us exhorbitant interest when all we wanted was to work and support our families and enjoy our lives.

We are at a crossroads.  We need to focus on Saving Mother Earth by Saving Ourselves. Ascension is a shift of consciousness that will have a definite bearing on our physical surroundings, since we are the ‘creators of all we survey.’ (I think a poet said that)   Mother Earth is shaking off all the negative energies that have been dumped on her since her beginning, and that is a long, long time.  She is getting ready to raise her vibration and this will correspond with her new higher orbit in a new higher solar system that has all been drawn a few degrees closer to the center of the Universe – and this new higher cycle will begin around the end of the year 2012.

Only those beings of a higher love vibration will be comfortable on her when she gets to this new place.  The rest will be – and actually even right now are – becoming increasingly more uncomfortable with each passing day.

This is not to be confused with the discomfort that results from the actual physical and emotional changes that the normal human being is experiencing as their body shifts from carbon to crystal, which is the physical part of this ascension experience.

I’ll end today with a few of those differences so that you know the difference:

Those who are NOT ascending with the earth are uncomfortable because:  people no longer want to buy into their drama and believe their lies – they are losing their power to dominate and control – the truth about their illegal and unfair practices are coming to light -they are no longer running the show – they are very close to having to experience the results of what they have done.

Those who ARE ascending with the earth are uncomfortable because:  their bodies are changing to accommodate more light, and this brings a lot of uncomfortable physical  stuff.  Love and light both operate on the same vibrational frequency, so when you are letting more love into your life, you are also letting more light into your life.  More light makes your molecules move farther apart and you literally, figuratively, and spiritually become a lighter person.  This enables you to be comfortable on a new earth that has gone through the same molecular changes.  The same holds true for your emotions.  As you embody more light the old emotions of fear have to go and we always feel those emotions when they are on their way out.  Unfortunately it feels like we are reliving the trauma when in a lot of cases we are just releasing it.

If any of these writings leave you with questions, please leave a comment below, and I will try to get you some more information.  Thanks for being along on this fantastic voyage towards saving mother earth.

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