seeing the big picture

Seeing the Big Picture

Negativity, or Objectivity?

One thing that has led to a division among humanity is our ability to see something ‘our way’ and to assume that it is the ‘only way’ or ‘the right way’.   Conversely this means our inability to see things ‘another way’.  That is, unless we explore and look and decide.

It has been said that no matter how flat you make something, it still has two sides.  Planet earth is all about that.  Every day, in every way, and in every moment we face things that can be looked at from many different angles.

I have always had the ability to see two things at the same time – the good and the bad – the plus and the minus – the benefits and the drawbacks.  Many of our gifts, when measured against 3rd dimensional rigidity can be dismissed and devalued.  In the past I was often accused of being negative just because I would share my objectivity, and the complete picture I saw, of the blessings and the challenges which existed together.  This is a blessing because you can then make an informed decision about the path you choose.  In choosing, you are empowered.

I share this today, because this may be true for you as well.  Seeing the Big Picture and Higher understanding can often be dismissed by those who just aren’t there yet.  If you see, know, hear, or sense things that others don’t, these are things to be celebrated.  If you feel you have an expanded awareness of something, explore it, don’t disregard it.

Human beings are incredible creations.  The story of our DNA, how we got it in its present form, what it carries, and what it can evolve into, is still a mystery for most.  But if you can look at a 4 year old who is painting pictures or sharing insights of a master, you get an inner knowing that when that child matures, he will be remarkable.

Our DNA is still is its childhood – but we are growing and awakening.  As we mature we are discovering that we are more remarkable all the time.  Celebrate every new idea that comes to you.  Celebrate every insight, even though it may not be shared by those close to you.  Celebrate your potential.   It is unlimited. Celebrate seeing the big picture.

Blessings, Elaine


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