sending positive vibes

Sending Positive Vibes

June 29, 2010 –

We will be celebrating our nation’s freedom soon.  Brave men and women with a vision stood up for what they believed in:  that all people everywhere had the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?  How do you think we have done with that?  Are people everywhere honored equally?  Does everyone feel free to follow their hearts?  Do you know how to find your happiness, peace, and greatest joy?

In spite of our best intentions some people have risen to positions of power and affluence, and not always by honoring their fellow man.  Some people have been used and abused, and not necessarily through any fault of their own.  We live in a country of great opportunity but also greed, inequality and great inconsistency.

It has been said that evil grows when men of good will do nothing.  Often this is because the good men didn’t know what to do and felt powerless in the face of adversity.  When you are a peaceful person, how do you stand against evil when evil has weapons and doesn’t care who gets hurt as long as it’s not them?  In truth the bullies of the world have ruled for eons of time.

I meet people everyday who believe that since that is the way it has always been, then that is the way it will always be.  They aren’t ready to make the huge spiritual leap to some ‘strange’ esoteric knowledge:  that this is a NEW DAY.  We can do things a NEW WAY.

If you search history, however, you will realize that life has always come in cycles.  We had the stone age, and the iron age – the communication age and the information age.  There WILL be a next cycle. Since all cycles have risen above their predecessors, this coming age will be no different.  We will rise up once again.  Since we are coming out of  the information age, we have acquired the ability to understand what is coming.  This coming new age will carry a new higher vibration – and this time our revolution will be spiritual.  As each of us finds our own inner spiritual strength and we learn to come together, the bullies of the world will be out of business.

You send out vibrations with every thought and feeling you have.  If those vibrations are loving, hopeful and full of faith, they will find and unite with other like vibrations and gain strength in this new age.  The bullies of the world have fed on your vibrations of fear, hate, and doubt.  You have the opportunity to take away their food and thereby take away their power.

When you celebrate the Fourth of July this year, I hope you celebrate your power to change the world through the love that you carry in your heart and send out to all humanity. Sending positive vibes is the right way to celebrate.

Blessings, Elaine


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