Sending The Good Stuff

Sending The Good Stuff

Thanks to everyone for their responses to last weeks message on the importance of spiritual community, and sending out good loving thoughts.   Thought I’d expand on that this week to give some examples that might make this easier to do.

Saying ‘oh that poor person, I want to help them’, is not sending uplifting energy.  It is sending the energy of pity.

Saying ‘oh, God, please help that person who is so in need’, is not sending healing, it is sending dis-empowerment.

Saying ‘I will send healing to your broken leg’, is lending strength to the break by declaring it.

These are all well meaning phrases, and they were taught to us by our parents, and they are instinctive.  That doesn’t make them effective.

So what to do instead?  How about:

‘I see you whole and healthy and radiating joy’.

‘I surround you with  healing, loving energies’.

‘I feel the love of God and I send that love to you and through you’.

—- Simple, easy, and the beautiful part is that,  if it is heartfelt, it really works.

Blessings, Elaine

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