signs of spiritual awakening ascension

Signs Of Spiritual Awakening Ascension

What is Ascension?

Let’s begin by clarifying what ascension is not.  It is not about leaving this planet and ending up on a cloud somewhere.  Many people associate ascension with the Bible story where Jesus physically rose up off the earth and departed to the heavens in a cloud.  That is not what it will be for us.  The word itself just means to go up – and that is what we will do, only we will do it in spirit, in consciousness, and in thought.  Our surroundings will eventually match our consciousness, but consciousness always come first.  Our physical bodies will stay on a physical earth.  So – if you have been concerned about the world ending in some huge cataclysm you can stop worrying and start enjoying your life again 🙂

Signs of Spiritual Awakening Ascension began in 2012

The ancient Mayans and current day intuitive leaders and scientists are all on the same page in regard to when this ascension event began – December 2012.  Huge shifts in consciousness have always been accompanied by huge shifts in planetary alignments and we have experienced the biggest yet.  On the solstice of 2012 our planet became aligned in our solar system in a specific way – our solar system became aligned in our galaxy in a specific way – our galaxy became aligned in our quadrant of the universe in a specific way – and the Central Sun and Galactic Center became in complete alignment too.  Is this big?  No – this is HUGE!

This marked the beginning of an event sort of like your 21st birthday – everything about your life may look the same and yet you are now an adult and everything about your life can now be different.  Or picture this – you and your friends are living in a house that is very cold and uncomfortable but you have adapted.  You wear heavy clothing and spend a lot of time huddled around a small heater, but life goes on.  All of a sudden someone comes and installs a furnace and sets the thermostat to complete comfort.  You might not notice any difference for a few minutes or a few hours, but sooner or later you will have to make some changes.  You will require lighter clothing and you can experience more freedom and be a lot more comfortable if you so choose.

Surprisingly, not all people will choose the comfort and the freedom.  The ones who love to hide under heavy clothing, and the ones who have made a living off of selling you blankets, will not be too thrilled that the furnace has been fixed.

Therefore ascension will bring with it some division.  There will be those that  welcome the new, and those who resist and hold onto the old.  Only you can decide which world you want to live in.  The two worlds will exist side by side and we will probably still shop at the same grocery stores, but maybe not at the same time,  since like attracts like.  Much more spiritual awakening and ascension information will be coming in the future.  Have a great day.

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