spark of the divine

Spark of The Divine

Christmas has developed into a commercial opportunity, nevertheless Christmas began, and is, a religious celebration.  The Christian world celebrates the birth of Jesus because they recognize him as a Savior.  He reawakened the world to gifts from the Divine that the world had forgotten about.

Everyone who has ever been to a Christian church has heard that Jesus died for their sins and came to bring eternal life.  Have you ever wondered what that means, how He did that, and what process He actually went through to make that happen?

I grew up with a traditional church oriented point of view and accepted Jesus as a Savior just on faith and trust and what I had been taught.  When I started to explore metaphysics, however,  the pure beauty of what Jesus did absolutely astounded me.   The laws that the universe functions by are awesome indeed.

Everything is vibrational.  Everything that vibrates affects everything else.  When God originally sent us forth, we vibrated pure unconditional love.  As we traveled farther and farther away from God source, and were allowed to use free will, the pure love vibration became distorted and we lost our way.  We forgot who we were – a spark of the Divine Creator – and we forgot that the pure love coming from us and combining with the pure love coming from everyone else, could create anything we could envision.  We began to create by ourselves.  We began to create from fear instead of love.  We lost our way.

Jesus came straight from Source.  A true spark of the Divine. He never lost his way.  He never forgot.  He was able to reconnect with Divine Source energy and bring it through to affect physical life, and we call the things He did miracles.  He came to save us by reminding us who we were.  He saved us by showing us what we could do if we found the love again.  When he turned water into wine he showed us how physical elements can be formed and re-formed when one is aligned with Divine will.  He demonstrated that the Spirit lives on after death.  By using his own life force energy he reintroduced vibrational patterns of unconditional love back into the world again.  We now have the ability to find them and use them too.

Have you ever considered that there are other beings living in this vast universe of ours that love and honor Jesus for his service to humanity?   Have you ever considered that not everyone fell in vibrational consciousness the way we did, and not everyone looks to Him as Savior?  Perhaps there are places where he is recognized just as Emmanuel, God with Us, and as teacher and as friend.

Christmas is a beautiful time, and Jesus brought us beautiful gifts.  I hope you treasure them all.

Blessings, Elaine

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