spirit of the trees

Spirit of the Trees

Spirit of the trees –

Human beings have an unfortunate tendency to evaluate and judge things based on their own level of experience.  Does it have a consciousness like mine?  Does it have mobility like mine?  Does it think the way I do?  If so, then it is understood, and therefore it is given approval.

But what if there was a consciousness just as aware as mine, only packaged in a different form?  What if there was a sense of mobility that was unseen to me?  What if there was wisdom that transcended human thought?

Whatever is alive, possesses Spirit.  All encompassing Spirit is the bringer and originator of life.  Spirit then inhabits creation and infuses it with vitality.  Spirit is in the tree outside your window.  Spirit is in the turquoise in your ring.  Spirit is in the plant on your window sill.

There is a very old tree in the front yard of my house that is our guardian.  There is a living Spirit in this tree and the spirit of the trees is aware.  Probably not aware of my name or that the children are playing with balls and bikes, but aware that there is love, excitement and stability coming from this house.  It would also be aware if something incompatible was coming in from the street – something like anger or distress or danger.  How much of the world’s energy has my guardian diffused and deflected during all the years I have been here?   I don’t know for sure, but the energy never stops flowing and the tree never sleeps, so it’s a lot.

There is also a huge guardian tree in my back yard and together with the front yard tree,  I have been gently held in a blessed flow of safe and loving energy for countless years.  I have thanked them many times in meditation but never in print.  Once something is written down, it carries a significant increase in energy.  So this is a letter of thanks to my guardian trees.  I  appreciate you, I love you, I think your are beautiful  and I pray you will stay with me as the energy shifts and changes in the future.

Blessings, Elaine

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