spiritual ascension 101

Spiritual Ascension 101

Hi Friends – today’s message may be a little longer than usual, but I hope you don’t mind.  I was going to present this material in three parts – but it’s so important to our well being that we understand what’s happening to us, that I’m going to send it out in one package entitled Spiritual Ascension 101.  I’m going to be talking to you about Ascension, Universal Law and Quantum Physics.  Big words but really very simple concepts.  God is not complicated.  Human beings are the ones that over think things.

So let’s look at Universal Law – and the one we will look at today:  “As Above, So Below’ (or as within, so without) (or the mirror concept of creation).  This is how God created the Universe to work.  As God thought, the thought manifested in form.  We are made in His image.  As we think and feel and process and change within, our outer world has to change to match us.  This is the Law.

Next let’s review quantum physics.  Have you ever seen someone set up hundreds of dominoes in an intricate pattern?  They push over the first one and then sit back and watch as each domino  touches the next and causes it to fall, eventually creating a result at the other end of the room.  That’s quantum physics.  That’s the nature of us living in a sea of energy instead of a sea of dominoes.  As our thoughts and feelings touch the energy particles around us, all energy particles everywhere are activated, and something happens far away from us.  We are masterful energy workers.  We are quantum physicists whether we know it or not.  We’re affecting energy particles, and making things fall over, all the time.

Third,  I would like to talk one more time about spiritual ascension.  Use whatever name you like:  Ascension, uplifting in consciousness, awakening, finally ‘getting it’, having an ah-ha moment, human evolution, etc.  It means we have a broader knowledge of abstract concepts that our ancestors did.  Sure, there were always people like Mozart and Shakespeare and Einstein who planted these ideas into the human consciousness.  They used quantum physics and people, one by one, were touched by it.

This ascension process can be looked at several ways.  The scientist will tell you that we are reconnecting brain synapsis and firing on more cylinders that we used to.  They can map our DNA and see that the ends of the strands have become unraveled and that they are being reformed.  The spiritual leader may tell you that it is God ordained that our souls grow and open and eventually become one with Ultimate Source.  The meta physician may tell you that your pineal gland which houses your intuitive abilities and lives in your forehead is expanding because of astrological changes in the universe (there’s the law of ‘As Above, So Below’ again).  They are all right.

Our DNA and our bodies are changing.  We are growing ever closer to God.  Our intuitive abilities are opening and we are discovering that love is the only pure creation vibration that exists.  When we are ‘in love’ – or just ‘being love’ – we are masterful creators of our world.

Now you may already know all these things I’ve just talked about, or maybe some of those concepts are new to you, but either way if you keep them in mind, the following message which is really the message for May 8, may make a little more sense and here it is:

Planetary changes are at an all time high, and increasing daily.  Therefore, you are at an all time high and your internal changes are increasing daily.  (Universal Law – As Above, So Below).

As you change and grow, you understand and experience the power of the Love vibration and you find that your inner creator, or intuitive consciousness, wants to use it (Ascension).

As you open your heart and send out your love vibration,  stuff changes in the world (Quantum Physics).

Here is one discernible change and one highly possible result:

The change:  we know our banks and credit card companies have ripped us off by charging exorbitant interest.  They have stolen from us. We know we deserve better, and they deserve karmic justice for what they have done.  We have thought this energetic idea and sent it out.

The current action:  People who have the legal expertise are serving the banks and corporations with legal leins and arrest warrants.

The highly possible result:  Our banks will all close for a few days while things get sorted out and the stolen funds are given back to the original owners (in this case you).

So here we are to wrap things up:  You started this domino affect by growing, opening, learning to love yourself, and wanting better.  You need only to stay strong when your bank shuts its doors temporarily, and the financial overseer of the institution, who may have just received a government commendation for excellence, gets hauled off to jail.

You need only to keep your head, stay in your heart, and keep sending love and encouragement when people around you, who don’t have this information, start to litter up your environment with their fear.

We know for sure that our current economy, government structure, and society is collapsing to make way for something better.  How will that really look when it finally plays out in 3d?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see because we’re still creating it,  but you have a front row seat for the greatest show on earth.  Have a blessed day and keep your popcorn handy.

Love, Elaine

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