spiritual beings

Spiritual Beings

Merry Christmas and More –

Tomorrow is Hanukkah.  For the Jewish faithful it is a celebration of triumph over religious persecution.  It is also a time of dedication and a festival of lights, remembering when one days worth of oil lit a sacred lamp for 8 days.

Tomorrow is also the winter solstice, when we experience the shortest amount of daylight here in the Northern Hemisphere.  In the darkness and stillness of solstice we pause and reflect, and then we begin again, renewed,  to experience more light each day.

Next Sunday the Christian world celebrates the birth of a Savior who is acknowledged to be the Light of the World – a Savior who brought truth and grace.

Light, remembrance, rededication – beginning again and celebration – these things speak to our souls.    An honoring of forces more powerful than we are is universal.  As we journey through this holy week,  let’s reclaim our sense of wonder at the variety and magnificence of humanity.   Let’s tune in to the Universal Spirit that moves us all to let our hearts lead our lives.

Sacred ceremony feeds the human being in ways our brains cannot even comprehend.  Our different rituals unite us all as spiritual beings.  Keep that in mind this week as you experience those moments that move you to joy, or move you to tears.  In the light of those moments we can truly see each other, feel each other, and love each other.  In the light of those moments, there is hope for the world.

May God bless you all,


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