spiritual celebrations

Spiritual Celebrations

Getting Ready for the Holidays

The retail world has dictated our behavior for a long time.  In October we decorate for Halloween, dress for Halloween and eat things with chocolate and pumpkin.  Then in November it will be all about the turkey and all the things that go with it.  One meal in November can be very costly if you ‘do it right’.   In winter you will be urged to eat soup – a whole lot cheaper – but then it’s all about the home made cookies and the ingredients will again send you to the market needing a whole bunch of cash.

These things are fun – and delicious – and we go along willingly adapting and adjusting to our different seasons and celebrations.  But what if there was more?  Can you picture the evolution to more spiritual celebrations in the future?

What if you didn’t invite friends over for food, as much as for sitting together in the energy of a new moon?  Can you picture having a gathering of people to bring a common desire into manifestation?  What if Solstice and Equinox became more important than Halloween and Labor Day?

In our very near future we are going to be learning about a powerful connection to our Mother Earth that not many people have paid attention to.  The beings who were originally native to this country knew all about it, but that knowledge has been lost to the mainstream of humanity.

In all our celebrations we have been trying to re-create feelings that we once had:  feelings of community, feelings of excitement, feelings of joy, feelings of deep satisfaction, feelings of love.    Most people will admit that our celebrations often disappoint us.  That’s because they were created in the third dimension of duality and lacked the energy of the higher realms.  All that is soon to change.

Spiritual celebrations of the future will bring us those things we have been hoping for all our lives.  When we gather, for whatever reason, the food and the clothing will be secondary to the energy that we create when we come together in supportive loving groups.  You want fun?  You want to belong?  You want to feel that all is right with the world,  and that there is no where else you would rather be than where you are right at the moment?  Then you won’t have long to wait.

This will be our last Halloween, our last Thanksgiving, and perhaps our last Christmas in old 3d energy.  Take time to savor every moment, and every activity, but realize that next year it will be so much different – and so much better – that it defies imagination.

I am looking at most things with a sense of nostalgia these days.  I’m appreciating them, and saying good-bye to them.  Future, here we come!

Blessings, Elaine

in case you haven’t seen this yet – check it out:  It’s an introduction to our Galactic Family.  It’s interesting to note that in much of the world, apart from the USA, this knowledge is much more common and well accepted.  This is an 18 minute You-Tube video.


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