Spiritual Community

Spiritual Community

Do you know what happens when you are stressed out about something?  It doesn’t matter if it is a physical issue or an emotional issue.  When you are so close to something, and all you can feel is anxiety, you are almost the last person who can do something constructive to help.  At that moment you have energetically closed the door to the very celestial heavenly energies that can create positive change.

That is why it is so essential in this day and age to be part of a spiritual community.  Your community could be your family, or a group of friends, or an organization of some sort.  It could be a physical community – or it could be an on-line community.  To be a part of a group that knows how to send uplifting, transforming, and loving energies, is a wonderful thing.

If you have such a resource, be grateful – and use it.  Let them know when you have an issue that you can’t handle on your own.  Let them help you with energies that will transmute anxiety, and loving energies that will attract positive outcomes.

If you don’t have such a resource, look around and reach out to one.  There are many groups, organizations, and places in your community that care about each other.  There are many groups on-line that regularly support each other, as well.

Of course the most important part of this equation is you.  Are you ready to step in and send healing, uplifting, transforming and loving energies to the people around you who need the help?

If you are, then rest assured, through the law of attraction and balance, that the help you need is right here too.

Have a blessed day. Elaine


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