spiritual discipline

Spiritual Discipline

Spiritual Discipline –

If something were free, easily obtainable, connected you to amazing teachers, packed a big bang for the buck, and promised potentially miraculous results would you want it?

Most people would say, ‘yes, bring it on, I’ll try it.’

And many people do go for it. They join a class or read a book and then because they never personalize their investment, and because the results aren’t immediate or dramatic, they stop. I’m talking about spiritual practices. And they work – but you have to work with them. They require power that comes from the love in your heart and the commitment that lives in your solarplexis and the determination that lives in your sacral area.

Spiritual practices require something of the participant, and that is body, mind and spirit involvement. People who regularly meditate or do yoga understand this. People who have a daily prayer life understand this. People who never eat a single morsel without blessing it and bringing into personal alignment understand this.

How about you? What are you willing to give of yourself, to get back something amazing. How much time? How much energy? How much thought? How much?

Anything, from lighting a candle, to going for a walk, to taking a shower, can be a spiritual practice if you make it one. If you ask Spirit to guide you in that moment – to enlighten you, or strengthen you or cleanse you, it will be done. If you do it consistently and trustingly, you will be shown more ways to make this connection. Once you make this connection and feel the power and love you will never want to stop.

I engage in many, many spiritual practices in my daily life. I have a network of wonderful friends who do the same. I can help you get started if you want to. In my holistic practice I see clients just like you who want to find something deeper and I can guide you on that road.

Blessings, Elaine



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