spiritual justice

Spiritual Justice

A Rather Important Consideration.

Let’s pretend you have a very bad neighbor.  He has hurt your property and your dog and your feelings.  You could call the police, go to court and make him pay.  It will take time, energy, money, and peace of mind to do this, but you could.

You also know he is planning to move.  If you put up with him a little longer he will just go away.   You have heard that he is moving to a place that is pretty harsh and he will probably not have an easy time of it there.

So what do you do?  Call the police and claim your justice?  Or allow the move to unfold and claim your peace?

3rd dimensional justice – or Divine justice, spiritual justice, and higher dimensional peace.  Not a frivolous decision.   Even if you are not consciously aware, your soul is deciding this right now.

I am choosing to have faith in the goodness and intelligence of mankind.  I am willing to bet that in your heart of hearts you are willing to claim your peace, and remember the bible verse: “Judgement is Mine, Sayeth the Lord”.

I am willing to go one step further and help him with his move in any way I can.  I will always vote for peace, love, compassion and forgiveness every chance I get.  However you feel about this is the right way for you – for now – but I hope you will think it over seriously.

Hopefully, as we discover how badly we have been treated by some of our leaders, we can just celebrate the fact that they are packing, and the moving van is on its way.

Namaste, Elaine

My life is good, God blesses me. I have everything I need.

Because I know the plan for earth and the power I have when I sing this verse –

My life is good, God blesses me. And I have everything I need.


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