spiritual life inventory

Spiritual Life Inventory

Life Review

What happens when you die?  People who recount near death experiences, and psychics and mediums tell us of many similarities.  Those who pass, either temporarily during a NDE, or permanently, report many of the same things.   First there is no ending.  The soul, the essence, the REAL person still exists even though the body goes.  Peace, light and love are the predominant feelings  – and loving beings are close at hand.  The soul then also experiences everything that has ever happened to it.  In an instant, or whatever passes for an instant on the other side, the soul views its moments of triumph and its moments of defeat or falling short.

And what happens when we can see ourselves with such clarity?  Quite often we are saddened by the times we fell short and amazed by the many instances where we let our light shine through, even in times of pain.  Most people will move quite quickly through this part and accept the gift of forgiveness.  Then they are free to experience the eternal love that is offered.

Some souls, who have lived human lives expressing much hatred and doing much harm, will be stuck reliving the pain they have caused, and it may take a long time, if ever, for them to look up, see the light, and ask for help.  We call that state of being hell.  It is really only getting stuck in their own life review, and experiencing what they have done to others.  For them to accept the forgiveness and look for the love may take a long time.  That is why it is pointless for us to try to make them pay for their crimes here in any significant way.  Real justice will be ultimately and absolutely served.

This knowledge should also help us who still live here on Planet Earth.  It only makes sense to examine our behavior and if it needs changing, let’s change it now.  It’s time for a spiritual life inventory. Could I be kinder?  Could I be more forgiving?   Am I too quick to judge and criticize?  Do I compare and find fault?  These things may be called sins by people here on earth, but in the angelic viewpoint of things, they are just blocks to the pure love, light and joy that we all want to have.  Why would you want to block yourself from all that is beautiful and all that you desire?

You don’t have to wait for the end of your physical life to go through your spiritual life inventory and make big changes.  You don’t have to wait until then to experience the pure love of the Creator.  It can happen today.  It can happen now.  Many people are even experiencing it these days without consciously choosing to.  That is because we have reached 2012 – the end of an important cycle for humanity – and so we are going through a ‘living life review’ while still embodied.

If you are having a lot of memories, good and bad, pop into your mind lately, you may be going through your life review.  Your soul may be getting ready for the change to a higher resonance that should be coming to us by next December.  Never before have people been able to do this while still embodied.  We are unique in God’s kingdom.  We are being given a precious gift.

I hope you can understand it, accept it, appreciate it, and use the knowledge to face yourself in all your wonder and all your failings.  Then together we can all walk into the new age full of love and support for one another, and it truly will begin to be Heaven on Earth.

Blessings, Elaine


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