spiritual roots

Spiritual Roots

How Are Your Spiritual Roots?

There was a plant in my yard, ready to blossom, when the stem got bent and broken.  I cut the broken part and brought it into the house.  It was placed in water in a beautiful sunny spot in a window in hope that it would still bloom.  It hasn’t.  It is alive and looks ok but the potential flower remains just a bud.

Do you know people like that?  They’re alive but just not blossoming.  They may be taking in the water and the sunshine and even feeling the love, but without the root system they’re not growing.

If you could look beneath the surface of your backyard you might be astounded at what you see.  Most trees and plants on this planet touch others of their kind.  They nourish and inspire each other.

There are 3 things on this planet that hold ancient information and wisdom:  human dna, crystals, and the trees.  The trees share this wisdom freely with one another through an intricate root system that connects many of them into one energy system.  You can feel their energy and their power and their knowledge when you spend some time with them.  Many people come home inspired after a walk in the woods.  That’s not just coincidence.

A strong supportive root system that nourishes us, inspires us, and encourages us is crucial to our future development.  Up until this point, the support system for many has been some sort of man made institution.  Those spiritual roots are shallow.  They won’t endure the coming shift.

Deep healthy roots are very personal.  There are things you treasure in your heart.  Deep healthy roots are passionate.  There are things that really matter to you.  Deep healthy roots are interconnected.  There are other people that you inspire, and they inspire you.  Deep healthy roots create plants that flower and blossom and leave seeds for new growth.  There are memorable things you have done.  Deep healthy roots support growth that reaches high to the heavens.  They know God.  How are your spiritual roots?

Blessings, Elaine

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