spring equinox 2015

Spring Equinox 2015

There are many Mayan, Hopi, Tibetan, and other worldwide prophecies that have predicted coming major events.  And the events happened – and they changed things – and nothing was ever quite the same again.  Usually the changes were so subtle in the moment that no-one even noticed them passing by.

The day that Jesus was born – the day that Michelangelo picked up his first paintbrush – the day 2 men from 2 competing countries shook hands and decided to work together – those and millions of other occurrences, small and large, have shaped our world.  At the time they happened there was potential, but who actually knew how big they would eventually be?   At those pivotal moments things were set on a completely different trajectory – and the world was put on a new path, if you will.

New paths are forged and created by singular events, such as described above, and sometimes by mass consciousness reaching the tipping point.  Either way, the future suddenly holds completely new potentials because a new door has opened and a new road has appeared.  The intersection was reached, the new road was selected, the new journey begun and new probable destinations suddenly appeared on the horizon.

It happened back in 1987 at the time of the Harmonic Convergence. You may remember that.  You may have been one of those who was aware of the planet’s needs.  You may have participated in the realignment, and those who participated, with their combined meditations, were enough to do it for all.  It sent us on course for 2012.

It happened back in 2012.  Many, many prophecies predicted the end of the world – and it was – the end of the world as we knew it.  It could have ended in the physical, but it didn’t.  It didn’t because enough people had awakened to their spiritual nature to complete what is called ‘a compassion grid’ – an energetic layer made up of vibrations that protect this planet from outside forces like comets.  Enough people were sending out vibrations of love – and understanding – and compassion – and caring – and forgiveness, and those vibrations, which are waves, formed a barrier that exists for us for now, and for as long as we, the collective, decide to hold it in place. The occurrences in 2012 also opened doors so that this planet was flooded with light – which contains information and truth.  We started getting more of those things from brand new celestial sources.  As long as we send out love we will continue to get new information and we will be safe.

Tell that to the masses and they may laugh at you.  If you are one of the ones who has discovered the truth, you won’t mind that they laugh.  You can smile inwardly and say ‘someday you may thank me’. Maybe they will – maybe they won’t – free will planet, you know. Either way, it won’t matter – not to you.  You have discovered the truth of your being and that you are a light from Divine Source, a child of God, a being of immense power, and when combined with other beings of immense power you are invincible.  Waking up and discovering your inner Spirit is a pretty neat thing to do.

Once again – we are headed for one of those pivotal, great, magnificent and monumental moments in time.  Most people won’t even feel a shadow pass over them.  The moment is the time of the Spring Equinox 2015, which takes place on March 20th.  It is the day when this planet has the potential to come into greater balance than it has ever known before.

There is an article entitled Yin-Yang Meaning on this site that you may want to take a look at before this coming March. http://www.elaineholistic.com/yin-yang-meaning/

The article has been updated and explains male/female balance.  It explains the yin-yang of our natures and how we must always be striving to find that exquisite balance within ourselves to be our best.  But even at our best we have been less than we hoped for and wanted to be.    And there exists another space time place or dimension or vibrational essence or cosmic wave – whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t matter – but our potential path will be crossing that potential path at the moment of the Equinox.  Where our personal energy is out of balance, that energy will be the perfect divine complement.  Where our world is out of balance, it will be offered a taste of its perfect divine complement.   If you are prepared – if you care – if you so choose – you can take advantage of that moment.

You can stand in that energy of perfect balance for as long as it takes to sweep through you and you can claim it for your own. Even though we don’t know exactly when that moment will be, we can offer our willingness up today and in this moment, to be open and ready and willing when it comes.

So, once the Spring Equinox 2015 happens,will everything be all better and wonderful the next day?  Highly unlikely – this is still planet Earth – can’t say that enough!  If you get perfect here you spin so fast you disappear and go ‘home’. So no – everything will not be perfect the next day, and the world will probably look pretty much the same.  But your very cellular structure will have been given new instructions.  New growth will have begun. New opportunities and potentials will exist.  New spiritual help will be available.  New ways to extend your life, if you want to hang around here more than 100 years may make their way into the news in due time.  Of course, newspapers are sometimes the last source of real true news, so maybe not.

I suppose the truest source will be within you.  The thing that will prove to you that something happened is a slow and subtle change in your viewpoint.  Maybe you will be calmer – maybe more energized – maybe more willing to move – maybe more willing to stay put.  I don’t know what you need for better balance, but I know it will be available to you if you have made yourself available to receive it.

Today’s article is a little longer than usual, but today’s information is a little bigger than normal.  I’m looking forward to the Equinox and I intend to be as welcoming as I can possibly be. Hope you will be too.  To take this journey in the company of other like-minded souls is one of the greatest joys of all.

Many Blessings,

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