Stages of Human Consciousness

Stages of Human Consciousness –

In 2 days we will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  There was one TV commercial this year I absolutely loved.  It showed people of all kinds – not just ‘traditional’ families – but many kinds of friends and families gathered around not only turkeys, but pizza’s, oriental dishes, and popcorn.

I will be having the ‘traditional’ turkey and some family close by, because that will make me happy, but it is not the only way and the only people to celebrate with.  I hope you are doing what will make you happy.

According to history books the first Thanksgiving meal was to celebrate the harvest and the fact that they had survived and would probably survive through the coming harsh winter.  For some people little has changed.  They will be grateful that they have survived and that there is a means to survive moving forward. That’s pretty basic and could probably be where a lot of us begin our days once in a while, if not all the time.

Hopefully, that is no longer our total reality.  Human beings are constantly shifting and changing and growing.  Sometime we grow towards the light, and sometimes, during periods of darkness, we can cease to grow at all and almost become stagnant for a while. During stagnant periods some of us rest and regenerate, ready to grow again.  What is inevitable is ultimate growth.  Whenever a society has seemingly gone into darkness, there is eventually another resurrection and another dawning and another resurgence toward the light.  If you look back through time you can see that the stages of human consciousness have always followed this pattern.  Some call it taking 2 steps forward and then 1 step back.

We have evolved considerably since the first humans set foot on this land we call home, but it has not been an easy journey. Great societies and cultures have risen and then fallen in our recent and ancient past.  Only you can determine for yourself what stage of human consciousness you are currently in.  Are you seeking, learning, hoping, growing, striving and loving?  Or have you gone into dormancy through mistrust and sadness and fear? Society is ultimately a reflector of the strongest energy projected by the citizens.

Our country has undoubtedly recently voted against the status quo and for change.  That voice has been heard.  Change is here and is the order of the day.  Now we must all speak just as loudly for the things we believe in.  I believe in truth and justice, the beauty found in diversity, and the divine light of love.

My Thanksgiving prayer for myself is also my prayer for you:  that we all keep growing toward the light of love and truth and find strength in each other – and that we see that reflected back to us in the wonderful world we are capable of creating together.

Many blessings,

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