starting a new chapter in life

Starting a New Chapter in Life

I have often written that times are changing, and people are changing and energy is changing.  Occasionally those changes become very, very real in the physical.  It has for me.  I am selling the home I have lived in for 37 years.  This is the home where I raised my children and the home where I experienced a huge spiritual awakening and began my practice as a writer and holistic healer.  I will be leaving this home with love and thanks and blessings galore.  I will be leaving it filled with blessings for whoever occupies it next so that they will be served and uplifted.

Many people leave to get away from something.  That is sad because we ultimately take ourselves along wherever we go, and so many times the thing we tried to get away from has just come along to be experienced again, maybe just in a little different form.

But for me, I am leaving because I am going to something:  A new adventure – a new experience – a new opportunity. I am starting a new chapter in life

That does not mean that I won’t have nostalgic feelings toward what I am leaving behind, and profound gratitude at the lessons I have learned here.  In fact, back in August of 2011 I wrote an article about the importance of the trees on my property, and as a fitting good-bye and thank you to them, I am reprinting that article here.  Thanks for sharing these moments with me.


Read the article called Spirit of the trees here.

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