Stop, Look and Listen

March 9, 2010 –
Stop, Look, and Listen –

How do you deal with the unexpected, the stressful, or the things that just break and send your day off into a totally new direction?  Do you feel the nervousness rising in you?  Your body might want to jump into action to fix whatever it is as soon as possible.  Your ego thinks that is the only way to make the discomfort go.

Actually there is a much better way to make the discomfort go away.  Just sit with it for a minute.  Evaluate the situation.  Pull out your tools of prayer or meditation.  Ask for divine help or call forth your own innate powers of being able to handle things.  Go over your mental gratitude list.  It probably could have been worse.

All solutions arise out of peace, not anxiety.  The first step to solving any problem is always to address your own attitude toward the problem.

Blessings, Elaine

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