stress and the holidays

Stress and the Holidays

During the last week I learned of 3 people who were hospitalized for high blood pressure and related conditions due to stress and the Holidays.  They were all sent home with medication and probably the admonition to take it easy.  When has saying ‘take it easy’ to someone ever really changed anything?  People need absolute practical ways to reduce stress in their lives.  This year with all the unrest in the world, all the energy that is flooding us from the cosmos, and the holidays rapidly approaching, it is no wonder people are racing inside and unable to settle down.

Today I would like to offer a few practical tips.  You’ve probably heard them before, but they have been repeated so often because they really work.

1.  Do less.  Almost everyone I know is trying to do more – shopping, cooking, cleaning, baking, wrapping, decorating, socializing, agonizing over too little time and too little energy and too little money.  Everything jumps into high gear this time of year and we all seem to be focused on ‘more’.  Where could you cut back and do less?

2.  Time management.   Many in my meditation class came rushing in today.  Kinda defeats the purpose if it takes you half of the class to get back to normal.  There was a common theme (have to admit I was included in the ones who rushed in) – we had been trying to get too many things done before we got in the car and drove to class. It will work better if we allow more time than usual to get ready and get where we are going, rather than the other way around.

3.  Meditation.  We need time to do nothing at all.  Time when we just sit and look out the window, or watch the fire.  Time to just soak in a hot bath, or take a nap.  Time to stop the mind from going over our to do list and switching to a less stressful gratitude list.

4.  Giving the world’s problems, and our own, over to God.  There are answers to everything.  I won’t find them by thinking about them, and thinking some more, and thinking some more.  Only when I let go of them and sit in a place of energetic stillness can the answers come to me.  They will always ‘come to me’ .  I can never go rushing headlong to discover them.  I will only end up crashing into a brick wall.

How about it?  Ready to give something up?  Ready to choose a simpler easier way to do the task at hand?  Ready to allow more time for things?  Ready to take some time here and there to just be by yourself and go within.  Ready to give up your concerns to God?

Less stress is possible.  You just have to change your life a little bit to give peace some room.
Blessings, Elaine

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