Summer Solstice Is Coming

June 15, 2010 –
Summer Solstice Is Coming –

Next Monday – June 21, 2010 – will be the summer solstice.  I share with you today some of the things that came out of our Meditation Class last Friday night: 

During this solstice we will receive more Light than we have ever experienced since the fall of Atlantis.  The Light has come and receded before, like the ocean waves hitting the shore, but this time it will come and it will stay in a very intensified form.  Light = Love = Information.  You cannot separate the Light and the Love – and when your life is illumined in this way there will be no more hiding from the dark shadows.  They will be evident.  Because of this intensified light, issues will surface.  They may be minor irritations or they may be major disturbances.  You will have two choices:

You can ignore the light.  You can choose to nurse grudges, hang on to hurts, and dwell on unhappiness, but the hurts will never heal this way and the light is not going away, OR

You can take this opportunity and use it with everything you have.  Any minor problem,  pain, anxiety or brief moment of dis-ease can be held up to the Light and Love of God for healing and transmutation.  Every major disturbance, sadness and heartache will be soothed in the Light and Love of God.

May you choose wisely how to use this precious gift that is on its way. 

Blessings, Elaine
And next week, on  Saturday June 19th from Noon to 2pm we invite you to come play with us and  ‘ Increase Your Intuition’ with the use of pendulums, cards and crystals.  This will be a fun, informative, and interactive class – every participant will receive mini-readings.

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