symptoms of inner peace

Symptoms of Inner Peace

The Great Shift – Or Loving The Void

Peace seems to be everyone’s goal.  We all want peace on earth, right, so that we can live and enjoy our lives?   And yet for many, as soon as they experience a moment or two of peace, they generate more drama.  It appears that we have lived so long in drama and chaos that true peacefulness can leave some of us feeling like something is missing. These are unexpected symptoms of inner peace.

As human beings we seem to be always striving for that next thing.  Being content, happy, satisfied, and fulfilled in the moment is really elusive.  It seems to come and go as fast as the wind can blow.  Then we look around to find the next project or the next problem to solve.  As human beings we are instinctive problem solvers.  So how do we behave if the problems go away?   What do we do with ourselves?   And if the peaceful contented feelings last too long, will we start to get bored and wonder “is that all there is?”

It’s possible that we will need a plan to deal with the day that the peace comes to us – and it will.  This is 2012.  This is when our dreams come true.  This is the time of the great shift.  We will be shifting from uncertainty, drama, pain and lack to never ending joy, abundance and opportunity.

Between ‘now’ and ‘then’, though, there will probably be a still point.  It will be internal, private and individual for each of us.  It may feel like everything that has gone before has left us, and yet it may feel empty because the new isn’t here ‘yet’.

If we can’t be comfortable with the the ‘in-between’ – the time of ‘un-knowing’ – the ’emptiness’ – we run the risk of recreating the thing we have just left.  We do this because the past is familiar.

If we want different we have to manifest differently.  We have to create from a place of empty potential.  We have to be able to sit in that place of stillness for a little while with gratitude and trust.

We can always re-create the parts of our lives that we love, but understand, we will be RE-creating them, or allowing them to reform in a higher vibrational space.

This may feel like experiencing loving detachment.  We sit alone, viewing our life from a higher perspective, and into our awareness comes all the things we love and value and appreciate.  They are being recreated and reformed in a higher vibration in that moment.

This is a time of true personal power if you are willing to claim it, understand it and use it.  And when the moment arrives for you to let go of the old, may you rest and rejoice in the peacefulness and the potential of the void. Let these symptoms of inner peace work with your life.

Blessings, Elaine

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