taking charge of your life

Taking Charge of Your Life

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For those of us who have often felt that life ‘just happens’ and we are along for the ride, this year could be a real challenge – but in a good way 🙂

There were lifetimes when fear led the way.  That was appropriate for the space we were in.  We were learning about fear, and its power and its results.

We weren’t sure we would have a good day – but we ‘hoped’ we would.  We weren’t certain we’d be safe but we ‘prayed’ we would be.

Our uncertainly often attracted the very thing we were afraid of.

We weren’t taking charge of our life.

We spent such a long time (26,000 years) in that energy, that to have faith that something brand new is here is a bit of a shock and a jolt to our energy systems.
In order to create in the new energy we may need to start simply.  Just like children learn their basic numbers before they jump to algebra, we need to start at the beginning too.

Start with something you are comfortable with.  Even though you may have a busy schedule, you might intend that all the essential things get taken care of in appropriate ways.
You could decide to send a silent blessing to everyone you come in contact with during the day – and to be available if someone requires your help.
You could assure your body that everything you feed it today will be wonderful and delicious and nurturing.

Tomorrow you might add some more behaviors to the list – things that you can be certain of, because you are in charge of them.
Next week I will offer some more suggestions for things you can intend, once you get comfortable being in the driver’s seat and taking charge of your life.

Blessings, Elaine






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