Telling The Truth

March 30, 2010 –
Telling the Truth –

Many years ago on the Bill Cosby Show, the father was trying to teach the son a life lesson.  He asked him to imagine the most beautiful expensive meal, prepared with utmost care.  He then sent his son outside to get the lid off the garbage can.  He placed the wonderful imaginary meal on the dirty garbage can lid, so it could be used as a plate, and asked his son if he thought he would enjoy his meal now.  The son rejected it immediately.

Yes, it’s all in the packaging and presentation.  There are many ways to tell the truth.  It can be presented on a garbage can lid, messy and dirty and filled with accusations and soul-destroying evidence of ‘obvious’ facts.

Truth can also be packaged in kindness and gentleness and presented with love and empowerment.

As we ascend in consciousness it becomes imperative that we know our truth, share our truth and live our truth.  Please choose a gentle, kind and caring way to do that.

Blessings, Elaine

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