Thank You

April 10, 2012 – Thank You –

Well you did it.  My wonderful readers have demonstrated that together they are a powerful force.  Thank you for your responses to last week’s question.  By joining together in that way you have geometrically created an energy wave that is awesome in its strength.  Many such waves have been created in the world, and together we have become invincible.

Ascension has never been something that was just given to us.  Even though the Earth was definitely leaving third density because of astrological conditions and Divine Decree, there was no guarantee that we would go along.  We could have refused to let go of our fears and justifications.  We could have remained in victim consciousness and pouted like little children who wanted some outside force to sweep in and fix our lives.  But we didn’t.  We rose to the occasion.  We accepted the responsibilty for our lives.  We tried to be more loving and compassionate in every way we could.

We, by our belief and our work, have raised our own individual vibrations.   When Earth spirals up and takes her new place in the Milky Way Galaxy we will still be here.   We are now on an unstoppable train and our destination is assured.   By the end of this year we will have made significant changes to our world.

To that end you can expect the world leadership to undergo vast changes.  You can expect monumental advances in our economy.  You can look forward to individual’s lives becoming easier and more fulfilled.  You can look forward to medical advances beyond our current belief.  You can count on being able to maintain a state of joy and comfort that you have never known before.  Before the new comes in though,  the old has to break.  When it does, reassure everyone you know that everything is okay.  That is our job now.

The next phase of our work now begins and it may seem almost too simple in comparison to the task we have accomplished.  But it is this:  enjoy your day.  Love the trees and flowers.  Appreciate your home.  Smile at the people you see every day.  Hug a baby and pet a dog or cat whenever you get the chance.  Trust life to be good and to take care of you.  Comfort anyone near you who is apprehensive about the many changes soon to commence.  Be the calm in the middle of the storm.  Say thank you a lot.

There was a cute movie I saw recently entitled THANK YOU MORE PLEASE.    Say that to God about everything good in your life:  Thank you – more please.

And hold on to your hats.  The fun will be starting soon.

Blessings, Elaine      —  if you ever want to see past articles, they are all available on the website —— and to anyone who recently tried to access the site and ended up with security warnings on their computer, I apologize for the inconvenience.  The site was hacked but has now been fully restored.  Hope you visit soon.



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