the 1111 phenomenon

The 1111 Phenomenon

We have an amazing opportunity ahead of us.  In 2 days from now, on 11/11 at 11PM, and for 11 days in a row (until 11/22)  there will be countless numbers of people focused on one objective.  Can you imagine the power when people all focus on one goal?  The objective is to remind yourself to think about one thing for approximately 11 minutes.  You don’t have to go into a focused meditation.  Many people will, but your participation is more important than ‘how’ you participate.   Just a gentle reminder to yourself to think about this while watching the news, or getting ready for bed will do.  And what is that one thing that so many people will be thinking about?

Themselves.  In a sense they will be thinking about themselves.  They will be thinking about their still hidden abilities and their untapped potential.  They will be gently reminding themselves that they are more than they know.  They will find within themselves that inner spark of joy that says “I am greater than my experiences so far”.   They will expand that thought to their friends and their neighbors and they will reach out in their minds to say “we are all greater than we know and we can all do more than we have done so far”.  It is acknowledgement that our consciousness exists beyond our bodies and that when our consciousness joins with others, we together create our own reality.

This event has been termed ‘the great awakening”.  This could be the day when enough people claim their self worth, and their power and their abilities and see the world as better than it appears to be.  This could be the day when love – love of self and love of each other – tips the scales.  Due to the internet and the number of spiritual websites and their hundreds of thousands of readers and supporters who are on board with this, we know this event will be a BIG one. The is the power of the 1111 phenomenon.

If 51% of people in a group are despondent, discouraged and sad, they can bring the whole group down.  They have the power in a democracy.  If 51% of the people in a group (or world) are joyous and hopeful, they can tip the scales toward a better day.  Our recent elections had some very close races .  In many instances only a handful of people determined which agenda was lost and which agenda prevailed.  When working with light, and love, you don’t even need 51%.  Light and love carry more power than darkness and fear.  A million people can make this happen.  Out of over 6 billion people on this planet that is a reasonable number.

I hope you will accept the individual responsibility to join in the great awakening.  Your one voice matters more than you know.  If you are interested in learning more about this I am enclosing a link to a wonderful website that explains it more in depth.  (see below)

Many Blessings and More,

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