The 11/11 Portal

November 13, 2012 – The 11/11 Portal

Well friends, we have just crossed a major threshold – the 11/11 portal.  Two days ago on November 11, 2012 another doorway opened and most of humanity walked through it, whether they are consciously aware of it or not.  An energetic shift has taken place – a portal was opened – and old energies left while new energies flooded in.  We received a channeled message from the archangels telling us what to expect next, and since I certainly can’t say it any better than they do, here are their words:

“Expect to gain a finer clarity of vision and a series of energetic upgrades which shall come in gradually, as the portals open up. Youthful vitality, a lessening of the old, nagging Ascension symptoms, a vibrant luminosity to the skin and brightness to the eyes. As your physical bodies’ ascent slowly begins to catch up with the steady increase in your vibration, you may expect to feel and see these as obvious changes as the year of 2013 progresses.   You may also expect to experience tremendous changes in the areas of personal lifestyle, career and life-purpose. Know this, Beloveds, that you did not incarnate here to pass your days doing inane tasks and to be bound, slavelike, to such baser states of struggle and competition. The incoming energies and the portal openings of 11-11 mark a kind of beginning and ending all in one. The 3rd dimensional paradigm is clearly at its end.”

—-  So there you have it.  For those who can believe without seeing, you can start the party today.  For those who need actual physical proof you won’t have much longer to wait.

Have a blessed day. Love, Elaine

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