The Beauty and Significance of One

The Beauty and Significance of One

The Beauty and Significance of One –

I have had many teachers through the years. One of them told me once to think of Divine Creator God or Divine Creative Source as the Ocean and to think of myself as a Divine Drop.

A drop of water holds every single attribute of the whole.  By analyzing one drop you can determine the composition of the larger body.

You are a Divine Drop in the Ocean of God.  Have you ever been fortunate enough to see dew on the blades of grass in the brilliant morning sun?  Each drop shines like a diamond.  You shine like a diamond when the brilliance of the light and love of Creator shines through you.  That is your natural state.

Then, of course, life happens and the drop can get muddied. Debris can get mixed in with the drop.  The essence of the drop, however, remains pure.  All you need to do is put it through a powerful filter.  The impurities can be filtered out and the purity can be reclaimed.  If you feel like life has muddied you up, you can, without too much trouble, be cleared up again to your natural state.  That is what we call spiritual work or prayer or some other name.  It is whatever we use to put ourselves through a filter and clean ourselves up again.

One drop is certainly beautiful on its own, but all drops together can form the majesty of Niagara Falls.  One pure drop can be very powerful.  After cataract surgery those individual eye drops make all the difference toward a successful recovery.   But think how much more powerful you would be if you connected with the Ocean again and joined all the other Divine Drops.  You become a formidable force.

On August 21st during the eclipse we will have an opportunity to join together to express our power in an amazing way.  I have spoken about this before, and will again next week.  The important thing to remember is that when darkness sweeps our land and we once again come out into the light, it will be a new birth for our country.  We will see the germination of the seeds we have planted together during the moments when the light went away.  May we all plant seeds of hope, love, trust and truth as we witness this amazing event.

Many Blessings,

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