The Best Is Yet To Be

April 17, 2012 – The Best Is Yet To Be –

When we came into this lifetime we allowed a veil to be put between our human selves and our spiritual selves.  In this way the experiment of earth could be unbiased.  The question we wanted an answer to was this:  Would we discover God on our own?  If we forgot that we were indeed all direct manifestations – or parts of God – would we find within ourselves the ability to love and forgive?

We did.  We have.  There were those souls who played ‘dark’ parts and tried to keep us from this knowledge.  We found it anyway.  It is now time for the ‘dark’ to be brought into the light.  The upcoming truths and mass arrests of those who committed criminal acts against society are about to begin.  Once we restore our world and bring in more light – more truth – more love – then the ‘dark’ ones can allow themselves to begin the journey back to God too.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a human living on Planet Earth.  This year, 2012, will see a spiritual revolution take place.  Some people will still choose not to look.  They will choose to keep living their lives the way they have always lived their lives.  They will keep waiting for someone else to fix their lives, and they will still believe in their helplessness.

For those of us who are willing to look and embrace the new, even if it goes against everything we have been led to believe for years, this will be the adventure of a lifetime.  This has always been God’s plan for us:   reawakening,  restructuring, renewal and reunion.

We’ve managed to have God centered lives even without knowing what that truly meant.  When our real God centered lives begin we will experience joy and abundance far beyond anything we ever imagined.  Too good to be true?  No.  It’s happening right now.   Our diligence and our choices and the Grace of God have brought us here.  Blessed Be.


There is a page on this website entitled ‘ascension updates’.   If you have never read it, it will give you a pretty good overview of our history.   Scroll down to the bottom and start there if you have never visited that page before.  As events happen I will be posting to that page – daily if necessary, to keep you informed.

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